“And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony” Colossians 3:14.
The Cher Movement is a Relationship Coaching organisation for the entire family. It is centered around the love of God and teaches bible based principles for singles and couples. It teaches individuals how to enjoy everyday life and couples how to love each other based on Christ’s example of His love for His church. Jesus Christ is the typology for the husband and the church represents the bride. The movement focuses primarily on the family, and equips each member with the knowledge, wisdom and skills to be a faithful servant of God first, and then servants of each other.
Couples must be assisted, equipped and empowered to achieve oneness, not just togetherness. Our vision is to be the leading christian, family-oriented organisation in relationship coaching.
Our position to play, is to condition the mind, position the spirit, and feed the soul to be shaped as a glove to the hand, in marriage. Assisting couples to reach their maximum potentials in loving one another in accordance to the standards and the principles which are set by the designer of marriage, God Almighty. We pray that this page will truly bless you, enrich your family life and empower you to have unions built on love, loyalty and longevity.
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