Meet the Coach.

Cheryl Outram, affectionately known as Pastor Cher, is a Personal and Business Solutions Coach and Managing Director of Life Lessons Academy & Business School, a private institute, offering Primary, Secondary  and Adult education .  Her varied experiences and skills as a Human Resources Consultant allow her to offer solutions to individuals and businesses.  She is passionate about training and building strong, successful individuals and communities. She is faith oriented and family focused. She serves as a Teacher, Speaker and Life Coach. She is known to many as a Transformational Leader. Her life-transforming seminars ignite you to step into action. One session with her changes your mindset.

Her experiences have made her sensitive and compassionate to struggling couples and single parents.   A former Teacher at St James Secondary and St Leonard’s Girls’ Schools, she was raised in a home in which her father was a philanthropist. Her biological mother was an astute entrepreneur who used her natural gifts to improve herself, siblings and children financially.  Her life was also impacted by her adopted mom who was a retired nurse and restaurant owner on Fontabelle, Barbados from 1950s.

Cheryl has a registered business, Help Network, that provides a coaching oasis for people facing challenges to help them navigate life, relationship, business and financial issues.  “Many women and men are in abusive relationships as this was the pattern historically for many generations.  Cheryl’s ultimate mission is to motivate and empower families to understand the dynamics that play out in relationships, have “the real conversations” to maximize and achieve oneness and not just togetherness.  Her vision is to impact global communities, helping them to become successful kingdom citizens and world changers by finding their Purpose and maximising their Power and Potential.

Her passion is to see people thrive by giving them  access to the knowledge of kingdom principles, wisdom and Life Coaching.  Building strong individuals and communities through Networking, Education, Sharing and Training (NEST) is her legacy.

Cheryl Outram can be contacted for

  • Motivational and Transformational Speaking Engagements
  • Computer and Technological Training for Individuals and Businesses
  • Personal and Business Development Coaching

by email at or telephone 1 (246)824-9288.

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