Public Speaking & Presentation Course

From your mouth to their ears; everything you need to know to give a great speech for business & personal presentations.

You want to WOW your listeners? Then this course is for you. Learn all the tips and tricks on how to become a powerful Public Speaker and Presenter.  Grab your audience’s attention, keep them riveted to your presentation. Transform global audiences by implementing the tools and skills taught in this course.

The perfect speech or presentation can change your life and the lives of many others.  Your speaking techniques will leave your audience begging for more..

Course Goal: To help each student to confidently speak to large crowds and maintain their engagement and interest.

Course Outline: There are 12 segments in this comprehensive and enjoyable speech/presentation/public speaking course with many exercises, examples and templates to help you work smarter and not harder when making your speech.

Course Snippet

  • Segment 1: Audience: We will identify with the audience (your customer/target market).
  • Segment 2: Purpose: We begin with the end goal in mind of your speech.
  • Segment 3: Content: We will thoroughly cover what to include in our speech and how to structure it
  • Segment 12: Pricing: How to charge for your speaking engagements
  • ……. 9 more segments included in this package.

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