A Complete Understanding of Digital Marketing Foundations
  • Digital Marketing Tools and Strategies
  • Grow a Business Online From Scratch
  • Create An Online Presence around Your Customer and Their Needs
  • Be Ahead Of the Curve With Your Business We Show You How To Take It To the Next Level With 2021 Techniques
  • You will learn how to create The Right Kind of Website for Your Business With Walk Through Creation Tutorials
  • You Will Learn How to Recreate What is Already Working and Apply It To Your Niche
  • Techniques To Generate More Leads For Your Brand or Business
  • Learn How To Find And Understand Your Audience
  • Learn The Skills To Market Yourself As A Professionals Who Seek To Exceed In The Digital Space.

    This complete course is taught over a nine (9) month period and the cost is $2800.00.  There are 32 sections required to complete the entire course.  Persons can also do modules made up of four sections each.  The cost of each module is $600.00.  Each module runs for a 12 week duration.

Module 1

  • Introduction to Digital Marketing Bundle
  • Define and Find your Perfect Customer
  • Designing and Creating Your Products and Services
  • Social Media and Content Marketing for Connecting with Customers

Module 2

  • Creating a Successful YouTube Channel From Scratch
  • Grow a Highly Engaged Instagram  Account
  • Create a Successful e-commerce Brand With Amazon FBA
  • How to Blow Up TikTok Marketing For Brands

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