The Cher Movement Single is a male or female who isn’t in a relationship. Some are single by choice, some because of death of a spouse or divorce. Regardless of the reason for your singleness, you can experience a life of joy and gratitude.

Accepting our reason for singleness and understanding the general struggles can help us to better navigate the singleness journey. Here are the struggles that many singles are facing.

Pressure from friends and Family

Have you been feeling pressured to be in a relationship or to have someone to call ‘boo’ or ‘babes’. Does everyone else seem to have help and support except you? Are you wondering if or when your single season will end? The pressure is real but don’t dismay, you can turn your single season into your miracle season.


Many struggle with loneliness. Having a companion whether physical or emotional helps to cushion the effects of loneliness. One one hand it feels good to have someone to be there when you need them but on the other hand, one can lose a precious opportunity to develop one’s voice, potential and purpose

Being the white elephant in the room

There is nothing more exhausting than being the only single among couples. Sticking out like a sore thumb is a mild way of describing it. For those of us who have experienced this, we all know that life has to have more options for us singles.

Have you considered what and how you feel about being single? What word would you use to describe how and what you feel? Is it joy, sadness, happiness, anger, grief, gladness, pain or gratitude?Search your soul and discover the real tone(s) that reside within. As we uncover what we feel, we can move towards where we want to be and what we want to feel.

Learning our singleness language and decoding our unique culture is the first step to living in a realm where we can enjoy singleness and be totally free and fulfilled.

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