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Life Lessons Academy was first registered in May 2000 as Employee Development and Computer Training Centre and was located on Spry Street in St. Michael. As our services expanded the name was changed to Life Lessons Academy & Preschool. Tuition has been included as an integral part of our services in The Cher Movement because we understand its importance in maintaining great relationships, becoming financially empowered and maximising your potential.


We have been offering consistent, affordable and quality tuition to all of our students over the years. Our Tutors are qualified and experienced in teaching in the public school system and are experts in classroom management, teaching techniques, learning styles, reading for remedial students and student psychology. Our ability to motivate students and help them to achieve success to enter the next institution of their choice has been our greatest hallmark over the years.


Access Options

  • Face to face, small classroom sessions offering individual attention
  • Online interactive classroom using Skype/Zoom/Whatsapp Technology

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